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Nohken-FT 3C-6M

Nohken-FT 3C-6M

Manufacturer: Nohken


Maker: Nohken
Instrument: Cable suspended float switch ( Micro switch-spot)
Model: FT 3C-6M
Application: Usable in wide range of liquids, Adjustable switch ponts,etc
Float : Ø80 mm x Ht. 110 mm,Specific Gravity 0.9 min.,
ABS material
Cable : Ø8.1 mm x Lth. 6 mtrs, PVC sheath
Contact :  SPDT Micro-switch type rated 250Vac 30VDC 3A max.
Temperature :  -10 ~ 50 °C
Pressure : 2 Bar max.
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